Friday, August 19, 2011

Misc comments on Denmark after a 3 week visit

Danes rely on honesty to a larger extent than Americans. If you park in a time metered zone you must have one of these in your lower right hand windshield. If it says 2 hour free parking, you must set it for the time you leave your car. Think about it. It really works.

If you park in a city zone where you need to pay for parking, there are no meters. There is however, a place to buy a parking permit for your car somewhere on the block. While we were around Copenhagen with Bill on August 02, we needed to revisit his car once so he could get another meter ticket for his car from one of these kiosks.

This really saves space and civic employee time.  It places a great deal of responsibity on the citizen. I do not know how this would work in America however where citizen do not have a desire to contribute to the common cause.

I was home from Denmark only 3 days when I needed to travel 60 miles to a medical appt. There was a commuter lane next to me and I counted at least 50% of the people using it were not eligible to use it. In Denmark anyone who did that would be honked at and given "the finger". Danes actually police themselves as a group. 

One of the road speeds in Denmark is 50 mph. It is a nice SAFE speed. I now know why my cousin from Denmark did not want to ride in the front seat of the car on her visit to California in 2008.  We were driving about 75mph, minimum,  which I now find is ridiculous.

To be continued as I think of more things.....

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

I agree with you on all of these. It really is a totally different way of living.