Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lake Tahoe and Lake Angora

Cousin Andrea and I went on a camping trip to the Tahoe Basin the week of August 28 but first stopped to see Cousin Jim and Kathy. This view is from their patio near Placerville of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

We camped in my VW camper at Fallen Leaf Lake just one mile from Tahoe. Andy is a light sleeper and I sleep like a rock. At 12:30 am our first night there, I woke up to the infernal racket of bears trying to demolish the metal bear boxes. After a half an hour the sounds got much fainter and they were no longer close by and I went back to sleep. Next morning I asked Andrea, "Enough excitement for you last night?' She said "Huh?" She slept through it all!!!

I had done some research on the area and found a hike to Lake Angora in the area. I'm just getting myself back in gear from my big leg break so I was not too sure if could do it. It was only .5 miles but was all uphill. (It is not the miles, but the vertical ascent!)

I made it. And it was really well worth it. These lakes (upper and lower) have no phone service, internet service etc. People get trucked in for a week with all their provisions and trucked out the following week. They are literally booked for Summer 2012 already!!

Here are just a few pictures.

The "cabins" look pretty nice.

Lower Lake Angora

The day we left the area we took the MS II Steamboat ride around Lake Tahoe. Do it! It is so worth it. It costs 35.00 per person but it is so great.

Coming soon: Video of our resident chipmunk stealing paper towels in our campsite. Just have to learn how to use my new FLIP camera!

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