Friday, August 12, 2011

Hold Hands with Norway for Peace - HOLD SAMMEN

I have been home a week from Denmark and finally feel I can report on the events in Norway.

On July 22, 2011, a 32 year old ethnic Norwegian man killed 8 people in Oslo's government center (and critically injured 10) and also shot over 75 young people attending a youth camp on a nearby island. This particular youth group is not racist or anti-mulicultural.  Norway is a peaceful country and has had no Kent State riots or Columbine massacres. This is the first major violence in their country since WWII.

The response of Norway at large and the Royal Family and the Prime Minister is very different than it would have been in the United States. Norway response is "holding hands" for PEACE. 

Please read whatever you can find about the Norway massacres and then decide if you want to join the worldwide international community to stand together (hold sammen) with Norway in PEACE.  We are close to 1.4 million people just in this short time frame.

Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg lost 2 close friends in the Oslo bombing. He recently attended a Muslin prayer service in an Oslo mosque. You can watch the utube of the service. We need more leaders like this in the world.  Many more leaders.

One of the things I especially like is the stand by EURONEWS. They are reporting the events totally factually and are making no comments and will not allow comments on their news site.  For once I am seeing integrity in major media. And the majority of the reporting is of the people lost, those saved and the mourners. A lesbian couple camping heard the shots, got in their boat and saved 40 youngsters fleeing into the waters, making 4 trips into the gunfire.  The killer is getting very little coverage.

August 21 will be an official day of Mourning in Norway.  Denmark has already held a huge music concert in honor of those lost. The major response in Scandinavia appears to be Flowers, Music and visibly Holding Hands in Peace.  Thank you for your wonderful and heroic example Norway.

This is the link. Click on the British flag at the top right corner for English.

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Nina Ø said...

Dear Anonymous

No, I am not posting your comment. I will however reply to it. Yes, the right wind facist mind view is alive in every country and I am not blind to it. I am a contributing member of the Southern Center for Law and Poverty in the USA because I know the score. Check out their website. America has more hate groups per capita probably than all of the EU.