Saturday, July 30, 2011


Most beautiful museum in the world.

The setting for Louisiana is breathtaking. It took a long time to get this picture because people came up the path in droves to walk around and feel the sculptures and stare forever at the sea.  There is really a man behind the left sculpture because I got impatient. The clouds were awesome today.

I am on a balcony looking down to the floor below. That human scupture is really really large, yet it is tiny in protortion to the view of nature. I think that was intentional.

Louisiana is built around an old estate house.  The grounds which face the sea are filled with sculptures both old and modern. It is shaped into an rectangle with the seaside open to the sea. Once we paid our ticket fees we entered the museum shop. Alice and I could have spend hours in there but alas we did not have the time.  It had wonderful things to admire or buy.  

There was a David Hocking exhibit updated for the new century. It invited people to make their own art on a large number of ipads. It was super cool.  And then your art appeared on the wall.

I want to go back to Louisiana next year. And I want to spend the whole day there.  By the way, the food in the cafeteria, while expensive, is really tasty and good.  And yes, the coffee is worth the price. And you get to drink it on the patio looking out over the sea. At least buy a cup of coffee and drink in the view.

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