Thursday, July 28, 2011

Put the Potatoes to Bed?

The plaice we bought at Odden Fisk we ate the next evening. NisPeter went off for the day to play bridge with his brother and others.  When he was not home by 6, Alice started the potatoes and we had a cocktail. When they were done and NP was still not home she had a problem. She took the plaice out and decided she would try and debone it herself, but finally said "I need to "put the potatos to bed" first. I followed her and the potatoes to the bedroom where she tucked them tightly under the duvet on her side of the bed.

"Alice, I said, when you get the potatoes up, please tell me, so I can go get my camera!"

Halfway through the plaice fileting, NisPeter came home and took over the fish cooking.  I had the great pleasure of looking at him and saying "Would you like a whiskey?"  It was such a sweet moment since that is his special English line to me.

Alice has just taken her duvet off of the potatoes. I would never have believed it. They were just a little cooler than when they came off  the stove!  Yes, they have a microwave and oven. We used no power to keep those babies hot!  Next time I am camping I am going to use my down sleeping bag to keep food hot while we finish cooking the rest of the meal!

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