Thursday, July 28, 2011

Allotment Gardens and Plant School

After our visit to Pernille's father and our bellies full of Wales Kringle, we went to a store to buy a rug.  After that we went to a Plantskole which translates as plant school. This really tickled me until I realized that the american work "nursery: did not make any more sense than plant school. The cousins are going to their flat in Copenhagen tomorrow from the sommerhus (summer house) to clean, to stock the icebox with food, and to make dinner for the home exchange couple upon their arrival.  We had a discussion on how difficult it is to say "refrigerator". I told them I still said "icebox" and I thought it was a good word.

Driving out of town, I suddenly realized we had passed an entire block of "allotment gardens". I told Pernille that I had always wanted to see them up close. The next thing I knew she was turning around and driving back to them. I walked down the street and took pictures every 2-3 lots.

Here is the other side of the street or the view that all the little allotment gardens have:
This link goes to a nice web page with pictures of someone who obtained an allotment garden with a tiny house on it. It also includes a very brief description of what an allotment garden is, when they started in Denamrk and why.  The closest thing we have in the USA is the idea of a community garden and that idea is pretty new to us.

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