Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Raw Reindeer

Nanna invited us to dinner. I definitely missed Jørgen's unique presence, who passed on about January. (Memory: We are in Sweden eating dinner. At one point we started talking about IKEA. I said I had read Ingvar's biography and thought it was very good. Jørgen leans over and says to me "Would you like to go and meet Ingvar tomorrow? He doesn't live far away." I never knew when he was teasing me.

Before dinner NisPeter took me on a walk around the property.

Pond with Lily Pads

 We had drinks on the 2cd floor patio and then came downstairs to the greenhouse for dinner.

Bread that Nanna baked that morning. A tartlette filled with something similar to "creamed spinach" but it is not spinach. Nanna was in NisPeter's garden before we ever woke up picking out vegetables. And a rare delicacy: a slice of raw reindeer.  It was actually "cooked" by marinating it in something - like people do with raw fish. I liked it. This is course #2  (bigger plate underneath). Course 1 was delicious also. Little foil packets from the BBQ with white fish, shrimp and herbs steamed in butter. Course 3 was Salad, Ny Kartofler (tiny potatoes) from the garden and "I cannot remember mystery item" - the reindeer erased my memory of everything else. The evening was like most of our evenings. It was very "hyggelig" - warm, convivial, relaxed and cozy.  Hygge (hoog-ah) is an art form in Denmark. It is not an accident, although it can happen unplanned.

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