Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sj Odde July 27,2011

The road sign say Sj Odde. It stands for Sjællands Odde. It is the north west tip of the island that we call Zealand in English. It is the island that Copenhagen is on.

Why are we going? Alice and I are going to return the oven proof dishes from the reunion meal on Sunday. The only thing we cooked was the kringle and the sommersalad and the potatoes.

On Sunday morning NisPeter drove to Odde and picked up a 4 course traditional Danish meal from Den Glydne Hane (The Golden Rooster) restaurant in Odde. They came in "pyrex" dishes to be reheated if needed. I remember there were 8 hot entrees not counting the cold courses of  herring, salads and cheeses.  We did the final dessert course with the kringle.

Well everything that comes in must go out. So on Wednesday Alice and I drove to Sjællands Odde and returned the washed dishes to "The Golden Rooster".   When I saw the pastry tray on the outside porch, I wanted to have coffee and ?, so Alice and I rested for moment before going to the Fish Market to get dinner.

The latte was wonderful and the pastry had marcipan inside.

I enlarged this so you could see "Odden Fisk" on the building. Here is Alice talking to other people standing in line and here is a rack of smoked salmon. the building right of the yellow one is the restaurant.  The harbour was just to the left of the Fish House. 

No, we are not defying the laws of gravity. I just cannot get the photo to move clockwise, so just bend your head. ;-)

Alice bought plaice that NisPeter wants to prepare. We were going to have it tonight but Nanna called and invited us to dinner this evening.

The road back was beautiful. We are on a very narrow peninsula and there is water on both sides of the motorway.

Gorgeous drive. Can you see that the house on the right has a thatched roof?

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