Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Copenhagen July 26, 2011

Cousin AMK and Pernille have moved from Nørrebro to Amager since I last visited them. Our agenda today is for me to see their new apartment in CPH South, to ride the Metro into the City Center for lunch and then to walk around Amager Strand (aka Beach). We have stopped at this park so AMK can check her GPS.  We got off E20 on an exit she normally does not use.  This is a new hotel. I think it is quite dramatic but I don't think I would ever stay here,  with not wanting to be off the ground more than 10 feet.

We have arrived at the apartment which is located across from Amager Strand. You can see the water at the new beach from the balcony. I like the new apartment. And I like the old one also with all the little shops within one block.

I wish I had taken a picture of The Metro. I sat right up front in the first row with the little children and grinned all the way into the City Center! 

We went to lunch at the top floor restaurant of the Telephone and Post Museum downtown.  This little display case was next to the elevator.  It is not as high as The Round Tower 2 blocks away but it is still an awesome view of Copenhagen.

The cousins asked me if I had been here before and I said no. I would definitely have remember that Greek god on top of that building. He's really cute.  And it looks like the Round Tower is actually just down the block. The view from here is different than The Round Tower because you are at the same level as the spires of the city and not way above them. It is a different perspective. No I didn't put my finger in the lens. Just experimenting withe "vignette" effect.

Having been refereshed by "Mad and Drikke" we set out walking again. Strøget is aptly named The Walking Street. I found out that Illum's cosmetic sector is like a magnet.  ;-)  After each cousin had made a "much needed" purchase, we made our way to Nyhavn for coffee. I probably should have made a "much needed" purchase also. My cousin Alice is older than I am and looks 10 years younger. I wrote several years ago in a Christmas letter "when I grow up I want to look like my Cousin Alice".

Nyhavn is not just for tourists and you can see from the hundreds of bikes behind the young lady selling Italian IS (Ice or Gelato) from her portable bike cart. Our topic of conversation was "ice cream". I shared that ice cream is made with cream and butter fat. Italian IS is not ice Cream.  We walked a block and actually found an ice cream shop. It really "hit the spot".  AMK wanted to walk to the end of the canal to see Ofelia Beach, the Royal Theatre's new outdoor stage. And yes, the palace is right next door. We had a bad miscommunication because I thought we would then need to walk all the back to Nørreport Station so I said no. (I was wearing new shoes and "breaking them in". ) Unfortunately we had only several blocks to walk to the nearest Metro station. Oh, well. Now I know. Express concerns before answering .

Yes, that is Sweden on the other side of the water. And in one of the canals, a young person's kayak klub is having a practice. There were about 12 of them with 2 adults, but they came into view only 3 or 4 at a time.  It appeared they were having great fun and not concerned about the Olympics.

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