Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Reunion Number Two

This is embarrasing. Not only 1 finger, but 2 fingers in the picture. I successfully erased both Mette and Pernille although I think Pernille is in the kitchen. We have just finished the first course which was herring. The clean plates are waiting for the next course.

Alice and NisPeter. They celecrated a 50 year anniversary last year!  The meat was duck breast. I fell in love with the summersalad that is made with thin sliced radishes from the garden and a soft smoked cheese. Mette and Pernille made it for their French guests the following week. They do home exchange and the following week a couple from Paris will be in their Copenhagen apt. while they stay at their summerhouse.

Anne-Mette on the right and Pernille on the left (red shirt). I discovered that the paintings in the background made a nice setting for photos.

Cousin Bill and I. I almost deleted me because it is such a bad photo but decided to keep it. It is a nice photo of Cousin Bill. It was so good to finally meet all of them.

Cousin Bente and her husband Fleming. I wish you could see her blouse close up. It was such a nice fabric. Bente is the one I emailed and asked last year if her father was Bill and if her granfather was Aage. She emailed me back and said it was my luchy day!
Cousin Morgens and his girlfriend Winni. Alice and I had lunch with them the following week in Farum after we had been to see Morgen's son Henrik and his wife Annette.

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