Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reunion with Cousins Chapter 2

Sunday morning we got up early and drove to the "world's most beautiful art museum" Lousiana. Our time was limited and the museum is large but we did see the David Hocking exhibit.

Cousin Bill met us at the church parking lot which happened to be just next door to Louisiana. We followed him to his nephew Henrik's home (Morgen's son).

The water is Esrum Sø (lake). Cousin Henrik found this place when he and Annette were planning semi-retirement and the children were grown. It was a fixer upper as we say in America. It was build in 1773 and was the famous wash house for the royal family when they were in residence at Fredensborg Castle. It had a reputation of the best washing in the area. The washing was done in the lake. Here is bird resting on one of the washing stones.
We had a very nice visit with Henrik and Annette, including wine and fresh cherries and a house tour. They are building a detached "family room" on the front lawn so as not to spoil the historic architecture of the house. Their restoration of the house seems to be quite authentic.
Clockwise: Alice, Henrik, Annette, Bill

Alice, Bill and I were then off to have lunch with Cousin Morgens and Winni.

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