Monday, August 1, 2011

Nina is all grown up!!

Posted by PicasaSuch a sweet picture. She was 8 and skipping rope the first time we met. She has now finished school and is about to start a job as a paedegog intern. We do not have these job in America. They are special jobs that do special things for pre-school children. Denmark does not "teach" preschoolers since the left and right brain does not connect till age 7. Paedegogs are taught to do "social life skills Play" with the little ones. I am probably not saying it very  well but there is all sorts of technical info on the net about it.

Anyway, Nina just had a little operation and is getting a little rest with her Mom before she returns to start her job. She has a boyfriend. Nina and her boyfriend and his parents just came back from the Costa Brava coast of Spain. Nina had a flash drive with lots of wonderful pictures. I wish I had been with them!!!

Boyfriend is cute. He has red hair!!!

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