Monday, August 1, 2011

NisPeter's Wonderful Garden

The Garden has been invaded!  No names here. There are actually 7 of them. 2 Mothers and 5 kittens. This one has another grey kitten. The other Mother is a Calico with a peach and cream kitten.  They often made getting in and out of the kitchen door difficult.

We are sitting in what I call "The Tree Top" at the summerhouse on Tus Næs and telling about my own little kitty, Gitte Ø. Everyone thought it was so funny that my kitty had a first and last name!  She looks alot like this one someone dumped on Alice and NisPeter.

I cannot believe I got home without a photo of the swans in the pond. There were 2 parents and 2 cygnets. And I had so much enjoyment sitting in the chair at the table watching them in the morning with my coffee. Here NisPeter is moving the lawn. It took almost 2 hours as it is a very big lawn.

The original garden is hidden in this picture. It is between the hedge and where NisPeter is standing. And you can actually see the swans. They are those white blobs in the photo. One day they actually came up on the lawn and the father unfurled his huge wings.

NisPeter showed me what these gloves do. You run the water over the potatoes and these glove take the skin off the potatoes. It is like magic.
Here are some famous Danish new potatoes from NisPeter's garden. If you have never had any you have missed something wonderful. They are very tiny as you can see and they are just delicious. They are nothing like Idaho potatoes in the USA. These are very small and very sweet.  NisPeter likes a brown sauce on his potatoes and Alice likes a Bearnaise sauce on her potatoes. We go back and forth every other night. One night NisPeter makes his sauce and the next night, Alice makes her sauce.

NisPeter is marinating HARE in Red Wine. I told Alice that I had never had hare but I thought is was a relative to the rabbit. Well, we had Hare for dinner when friends Nanna and Lille came.  Here is where it gets weird. I am sitting in that chair on the porch having morning coffee the next day and Alice sits down beside me. We both look out onto the pond and what should we see but a hare come bounding across the lawn!!!  Alice yells: That is a hare!!! 
I don't remember where everything was going but we ate it all and it was very very good.

Lille and I after dinner.  There was much discussion before dinner over cocktails about Lille's jacket. Lille's daughter has the womens' shop at the Centret in town. Nanna wanted to buy the jacket and Lille's daughter would not sell it to her because it was not "right" for her! 

Nanna and I after dinner.  Both of these ladies are retired teachers.  Nanna had on a lovely black lacy jacket!  Nanna has a sister-in-law in Santa Rosa CA and I have visited with her. This year, her sister-in-law and family were in Denmark and left just days after I arrived.

This evening turned into a girls night. We took over the living room after dinner and talked until 11:30 PM. NisPeter walked down the road and drank beer with neighbor Peter. Smart man.

Neighbors NisPeter and Peter having an afternoon pre-dinner beer. Peter likes the new potatoes and the onions from the garden also. He lives half the year in Denmark and half the year in France.   


Kelli Nørgaard said...

Looks like you are having a FABULOUS time!!
But I gotta admit.. I WANT THOSE GLOVES!!!

Jon said...

One of my best impressions of Denmark was the lush greenery. Its nice to see it again.