Tuesday, August 2, 2011

With Cousin Bill in Copenhagen

When we were all together on Sunday, July 24, we hatched 2 schemes. The next Sunday Alice and I would go to meet Bill after visiting Louisiana and we would meet Henrik and Annette, Morgen's son. After that we would go with Bill to brother Morgen's house in Farum and have lunch with him and Winni. Those posts are already done. We also hatched a scheme to go with Bill to Copenhagen on Tuesday, August 2, just before I left. Our ancestor Anders Jensen came from Rinkøbing to Copenhagen as a soldier. He was born in 1814. Cousin Bill had made a list of all the apts and houses that the family lived in up to 1930.

There were 8 places we visited and took pictures. And then it was time for lunch and to visit Kastellat. That is the miliary fort that Anders came to from Jutland in the early 1800's. He was a "top gun". And he got a 'surname'. He was no longer Anders Jensen. He as now Anders Jensen Ø............

Cousin Alice and Cousin Bill approaching the ramparts gate.

We are now inside Kastellat (Kas-teh-lay) or The Citadel. I asked this young soldier if I could take his picture. I do not even know if he spoke English but he posed for me. I loved the bronze name tag he wore around his neck. Is this the Danish equivalent of a "dog tag"?  Is he the modern equivalent of our ancestor Anders Jensen?

It was a hectic day photographing 8 locations in the City but broken up with a nice lunch on the outside park grounds. The only Anglican church in CPH is next door and Cousin Bill said that his brother Carlo (Alice's stepgrandfather, sang there in the boy's choir even though he was not Anglican.)

I know that the landscape has changed but pictures show that Kastellat has not changed alot. These were the ramparts and streets that my great great grandfather walked in the mid 1800's as a young man. That is not a very long time in Danish history. Copenhagen was established in 1179 and many building are from the 1400's that are still in use today. My favorite is the Round Tower from 1492.

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