Sunday, November 21, 2010

Danish Christmas Seals are whimsical in 2010

It is 107 years ago that the Danish postal clerk, Einar Holbøll, conceived the idea of the world's first Christmas Seal. That first seal was very conservative by today's standards and it is probably a collector's item.
The Christmas Seal for 2010 is by author, illustrator and comic creator, Sussi Bech, who has been inspired by the playful Christmas elves.
The Christmas Seal is available at post offices and kiosks and many stores.
A book of 30 seals cost about 5 American dollars. They also come in books of 60 or 15.
The proceeds from the sale are used to fund "the christmas seal homes", where Danish people going through rough times, can get a much needed break from their everyday problems.
Here in America I have been receiving many letters at this time of year to make donations to many good causes. I will make 3 affordable donations. One is something I did last year also. It is an anonymous gift to a child in a foster care home. We are given "hints" and I am taking the first hint: a gift card to Target.
(I am thankful to the website "" for alot of the information about the Christmas Seals.)

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