Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Half Rounder Birthday


My cousin AMK from Denmark sends me birthday greetings that I think are very clever. I hope you love Victor Borge as much I do. My parents and I used to watch him on American TV when I was young. I am grateful that Victor Borge (not his real name) saved himself from the unspeakable Holocast. He was a Danish Jew. Thank you Anne-Mette for sending me this wonderful video clip. I have read much about him and know he wanted most of all to bring an appreciation of good music to the average person and so he chose the venue of comedy to share his love of music rather than continue to be a world class pianist. The results were truly ingenius.


Kelli Nørgaard said...

I couldn't open the link, but if it is anything like the Victor Borg I have heard before, I am in total agreement with you!! A wise man with so many good reminders for us.... such simple messages . :-)

Nina Ø said...

Thanks for telling me the link was not working. It was working before and I just tried it myself and it wasn't. I found the actual youtube address and changed it. ;-)