Sunday, May 16, 2010

Keith's Rock - 5 Years Later April 2010

The exact dates are September 18, 1968 to April 15, 2005.
His full name was Keith Eric Furness
The Rock is located in Napa Califronia on top of a mountain overlooking the Napa Valley.

This is dedicated to one of the two kindest gentlemen I have ever known (the other is my father). If he had a major fault it was that he was too sensitive for this inhuman world.  He tried his best to cover it up with sarcastic humor. Guys are "not supposed to be sensitive" and feel other people's pain. Keith did both .  To me he was the epitome of a "good man" and I am so proud of him and his life. The winery got more tha 200 emails from around the country in response to the announcement that we had lost him.

Keith is browsing a book on the wine appelations in France in Godfather Allan's living room while Sunshine is doing her duck pose on the coffee table. We had just returned from a great meal at the Rio Nido Golf  Course in celebration (belated) of Keith's 35th birthday. Yes, he is giving me that "don't you dare take a pciture look". ;-)

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