Sunday, May 16, 2010

Denmark Raises the Age to buy Spirits

A few years ago Denmark passed one of its first laws on the sale of alcoholic beverages. The new law said that if you were under 16, you needed to have your parent or guardian with you to purchase alcohol. From what I have read, that law still exists.

Now there is a brand new law. It will take effect January 2011. At that time, one must be 18 to purchase high alcohol spirits of more than 16.5 percent. Persons between the age of 16 and 18 will continue to be able to buy beer and wine. High school graduates will the largest hat* size will still be able to follow the honored tradition of buying all their classmates a beer. Students proudly dislay their graduation Seaman hats all summer in Denmark.

I am thinking that this is shocking to Americans who are not Scandinavian Americans.  What may be shocking to Danes is that 16 year olds in America can drive an automobile.. The legal age to drive an auto in Denmark on public roads is 21.

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