Friday, May 28, 2010

Best restaurant in the world serves the humble æbelskiver with a twist

noma in Christianshavn moved from third place this past April to be crowned the best restaurant in the world by the acclaimed RESTAURANT MAGAZINE.  My cousin AMK  in Copenhagen sent me an email about it. I do not have noma on my to do list for my next trip to DK but I have been reading reviews from DK Foodies. One good site is

I have borrowed a picture from this site, because it took me so  much by surprise. Here is a picture of æbelskiver with pulled pork dusted with vinegar powder. That is absolutely genius. The æbelskiver is the round ball on top of the basket.
I am a major æbelskiver fan and have 2 monks pans to make them. One is a century old and the other is almost brand new. They are traditional Christmas treats in Denmark and are served with red jams and powered sugar. Last Christmas I ate them with apricot brandy jam for the first time and started a new tradition.

The culinary artist at noma is Rene' Renzepi. His resume includes Thomas Keller's The French Laundry right here in the Napa Valley. His business partner and the originator of Noma is  Claus Meyer.  His objective was to bring regional Nordic foods to the world table that had been neglected for many decades with huge focus on high quality Danish butter and pork. The name of the restaurant is a contraction of Nordic Mads. Mads is the Danish word for food.

I am not a competitive sort of person. This number one thing is overrated in my opinion. I prefer things like the best 100 things to do in Copenhagen. I am truly happy for Rene' and Claus and the restaurant however, because they focus on local seasonal Nordic foods and are bringing them out of the closet and putting them on the world's table.  New research is even suggesting that the traditional Nordic diet is as healthy as the traditional Mediterranean diet.

I know what reindeer meat is. I have seen little crabs in Limmfjord so I assume there are oysters also. I love cloudberries. But what, pray tell, is vinegar powder?

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