Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cousin Nina in Gymnastics performance at Tivoli today

Cousin Nina's school in Denmark performed on the open air stage at Tivoli today, May 30th,  at 1:25 PM. As I write this it just now aftenoon on Sunday in California. It is nine hours later in Denmark so the performance has been shown, everyone is cozy at home/school again, and Cousin AMK in Copenhagen has already sent photos to me in email.

Cousin AMK writes today: Dear Nina
Nina was on stage in Tivoli today :-), but the weather was not at all like it suits Tivoli best, instead it was raining constantly. Still Nina performed on the same stage as Cher, Tony Bennet and many others did before her ;-). I don't think you can use any of these pictures on your blog. They are not very good partly due to the wet weather.

We have a good closeup of Nina and 2 of her friends after the performance but for now I want to quote from the school's website. Nina attends a residential school that is in the Grundtvig and Kold tradition. More on that tomorrow as it is very important to understand the following:
"Common Gymnastics is for all students in school. There is teaching two times a week.
The objective of common gymnastics is forårsopvisning of which the school takes off in March, April and May months. (This means the performances are in these months, not that there is no school. Google translator is good but not precise.)

The training ends into 25-30mins show program which contains typical elements of a gymnastikopvisning.

For students who have not grown gymnastics before, is clearly betting on challenges both to the training, but certainly also being taken to show and to be delivered a work in front of many spectators. This experience can be used for future challenges.

Those presentations are to create a common sense, whether you have a large or small role. It is important that all provide a 100% effort to get positive response from the audience." (The bold is mine, not from the school's site.)

Here is a nice closeup picture of Cousin Nina in the middle with 2 of her friends from school after the performance. The logo on Nina's jacket is from their school which is about 2 hours west of Copenhagen on the Island of Zealand.
Congratulations ladies. I hope you had a very good experience. Med venlig hilsen Cousin Nina Ø

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