Friday, April 16, 2010

Tilykke Dronning Margrethe from America

My cousin AMK writes today from Copenhagen:

"I send you some freshly snapped photos from today, where the whole country is celebrating Queen Margrethe's 70 years birthday. I wish you were here, I think you would have enjoyed it. I went to the "greet Margrethe" at the castle Amalienborg, where thousands of people have gathered with flags. I came 15 minutes before she arrived on the balcony - I should have been out much earlier ;-). Even Margrethe's own special garde had trouble getting through the crowds and they are talking about a record of celebrating people in the street. I couldn't see a thing at Amalienborg except from the top of a open door, but the atmosphere was just great and the weather sunny and a clear blue sky. I hope you can catch some of it from the pictures.

On the street Store Kongensgade, as you can see, I did get close enough to wave to Margrethe. Here she and Henrik are on their way to the Copenhagen Townhall.

Who wants to be a republican* when you have such an amazing Queen :-). That seems to be the general perception of things. Even the rather critical newpaper Politiken rested their case today - their headline saying Tillykke (Congratulations) today." (I do not know what AMK means by republican but I will ask her. I am sure it does not have an American meaning.)

Thank you dear cousin for this wonderful photo essay. Yes, I would have enjoyed this very much. She is truly an amazing Queen of Denmark. Both she and Henrik are very talented.  The pictures are much more meaningful because you took them. (AMK has her Masters in Journalism.)

Tiny Lesson in Danish Manners:
If you find yourself in a store or restaurant, and you happen to see a member of the Danish Royal Family who is eating or shopping, please mind your own business, do not stare,  and give respect to their  personal privacy in a public venue. The Danish Royal Family are not elitist like in some countries. They are egalitarian and are sometimes seen walking the dog or taking a child to school.

*My cousin AMK explained to me later in email that 'republican" in Denmark means someone who wants to abolish the monarchy. The word does not refer at all to the American political party.

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