Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reuniting the tribe in pictures across the pond

Daddy Russell Wallace Ø.. in his Army uniform. He listed his occupation on his military registration as "actor". His Uncle Edmund in Denmark would have liked that since Edmund was in 10 silent films in Copenhagen as a young man.

Cousin Alice holds a painting of our Grandfather Kaj and his Danish wife Emma.

This post is for my family. Others may not find it interesting or amusing but you are welcome to take a peek anyway.

This has been an exciting summer for collecting family history. First, I found my father Russell's cousin Bill in Denmark. Bill is Russell's Uncle Aage's son. Bill is 87 (looking 65 on a good day!) and on email with me and others now. It is funny that both he and I hired a genealogist about the same time to research our family at the archives in Copenhagen.

Next, I got an email from a man named Michael who said he just found out he was adopted and hired an adoption genealogist. The result was that he is my Aunt Evelyn's son. Evie was engaged to a Navy man during WWII & that is all we know. He is coming to visit me on Wednesday. Right now he is in the Seattle, Washington area visiting Evie's much younger son and family. The number of Kaj's grandchildren just increased from 19 to 20. Grandmother Constance's grandchildren just increased from 20 to 21.

Last weekend, I found my younger cousin Bill (Aunt Margaret's son) on Facebook and connected with 2 of my four cousins who moved from the SF Bay Area to the Seattle area with Aunt Margaret and Uncle Scotty when they were in High School. I have seen only one of them (Becky) since then and I am ready to retire next year!

Bill and Becky are now in email contact with me and I found out Cousin Becky (Rebecca) named a son after my father Russell. That is so wonderful. My grandfather had 2 children in Denmark, 7 in the US and then raised my Swedish grandmother's daughter, Ruth Eleanor, and her second granddaughter, Betty June. I am documenting 12 kids in all, including grandmother's first granddaughter who was raised by her father, Homer, when her Swedish mother Ruth died at 22.

Strange family happening: My Swedish Grandmother had her last child with Kaj, Charlotte, on the exact same day at her Swedish daughter Ruth, was having her second child, Betty. The day was April 3. They were raised as twins. This is not a good idea folks. We have now learned that you tell your children the truth. Since I was raised in that big fib, Betty will always be my Aunt Betty even though we are cousins.

Ok. I think the easiest way to do this is a Smilebox with pictures and text so that you all can see Kaj's children in America.

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