Saturday, October 9, 2010

Heide's Food Photos

Nanna's Dinner:
This is a tasty way to prepare Danish Pork. And there are 2 different potato dishes. The little potatoes in the middle are in a sugar glaze.

The cucumbers from my cousin's garden are near the front door waiting for Nanna to come and take some home.

Heide took this picture in Cousin AMK's kitchen in Copenhagen. I like this brew called CARLs Special. It is the darker of the series and has a caramel and malty flavor. And I adore the little cans. My father and I would sit on Sunday afternoon and have little cans of Olympia beer together when I was a teenager while we watched the WWII programs he expounded on for me. You never see the little cans in California anymore. They are the perfect size for me.

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