Monday, September 20, 2010

Preview of Heide's trip to Denmark

Cousin Heide is back to work for the translation firm. Carl finished painting the house. And I am homesick for Denmark after seeing some of Heide's pictures. Here is a sneak preview that she sent me over the weekend.

Cousins Thomas and Pernille on Sept. 11, Heide's birthday. That is her birthday cake.

Cousin Thomas and Carina's children:

Cousin Julius, the oldest.
Cousin Liva, the youngest.
Cousin Emma, the middle child.

I see that Emma is still a Hello Kitty fan.
I just saw that Julius (10) has a Facebook page!

Fish dinner. Salmon, Bread, Chicken, smørrebrød, potatoes, snaps (2 kinds?), wine and beer. The beer is Tuborg and it looks like NisPeter is deciding it is not a screw off cap. Nanna looks great. She and Jørgen are long time family friends of Cousin Alice and NisPeter. We lost Jørgen earlier this year to a brave battle with cancer. He is sorely missed.

Can you see the little tiny snaps glasses? One of them is just to the right of the chicken platter.

That's all for now. I need to get a CD from Heide.

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