Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Governor of the 8th largest economy is FOR SALE?

Meg Whitman is funny. She must have gone to comedy school with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Assemblyman Garrick. Maybe Pia K from Denmark was in the same class? Seems like they are all betting on people still thinking that Denial is a river in Egypt.

I thought we were through with winning elections on bashing the poor and immigrants. Ronald Reagan was successful at it in the 70's when I started my career in social services. The problem was that he was already President when the California stats came in. Instead of reducing anything, he spent 3x more to support families 30% less. Unfortunately, those laws are still on the books and are "aiding" high cost "Administrative Doctors" to say no where the family physician would say "this service is needed. It would cost us less money to provide the necessary service than pay a millionare Dr to say NO. Nina's recommendation is: Remove all TAR law today. (Treatment Authorization Request.)

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