Saturday, March 27, 2010

Racism in America

My mother Mary Ellen was born in Oklahoma in 1916. Her parents were born in Arkansas in the late 1800's and their parents and grandparents were Indiana pioneers after the Revolutinary War from The Commonwealth of Virginia.  I came home from school one day and was reciting the events of the day, as usual, and mentioned that I thought I was the only white person on the bus that morning when I got off. My mother stopped me and said "I am so glad you are not growing up prejudiced like I am.", Well, my mother was the greatest thing since swiss cheese so I argued with her and she said "Shh! Let me tell you a story: I grew up being told that black folks were next to monkeys and that they were dumb and we had to take care of them. When I went to California and worked there during WWII with all sorts of people I found out that what I had been told, as a child, did not hold water to my own experience. BUT, everytime I see a black person, the childhood stuff is the first immediate thing I think. And in the next second I think NO. The original childhood stuff is still there. That is why I say I AM prejudiced and I am so glad you are not."  My mother is not in his-story books but her-story had more effect on me.  She was a living example to me of responsibility, the meaning of which is "Ability to Respond". She died not knowing that she was directly descended from the major founder of the first settlement in America (Jamestown, Virginia) : Sir John Hinton of The Virginia Company. On the other hand, Sir John would probably not be grateful that this direct descendant (me) sees all people on the planet as equal and strives to make sure there is no underclass to an overclass, either mentally or economically and I see financial exploitation of anyone as evil.  That is why I support the Southern Poverty and Law Center. White Lawyer Morris Dees files law suits against the white hate groups which are growing in America. I support my African American Irish President Barack Obama. I think the covert racism in American needs to come out of the closet  and we need to tell the truth simply and clearly like Mary Ellen did for me. We need to educate everyone that those who spread hate or fear or exclusiveness are not Christian and are not patriotic Americans. Exclusiveness is not a Christian/Spiritual value, it is not a Family value and it is not an American value.  Inclusiveness is, however, a major Danish values. That is why Hitler's hate message did not sway the "Danish Tribe" and they moved the Danish Jewish Tribepersons to safety with greater skill and efficiency than Hitler was trying to extinguish them.

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