Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kudos to Denmark

Kudos to Denmark which sanctioned the ability this month for LGBT couples to wed in the Danish Lutheran Church.

Ray Weaver (Copenhagen Post)

June 14, 2012 - 10:56

Here come the grooms (and the brides) (Photo: Colourbox)...By an 85-24, parliament last week voted to legalise same-sex marriage, putting Denmark on an equal footing with other Scandinavian countries like Iceland and Sweden that allow full marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples.

Same-sex couples will be able to marry in the church of their choice, but resistent vicars will not be obliged to perform the weddings. Under the new law, if a vicar declines to perform the service, the couple would be required to find one themselves.

Last month, JCPenney was the focus of homophobic outrage and organized boycotts after it featured a lesbian couple in its Mother’s Day catalog. So for Father's Day, how did it respond? With this:

Thanks JC Penney's for recognizing that families come in all shapes and sizes.


Anonymous said...

Good news, and although you point out that vicars can refuse to marry same-sex couples on religious grounds, it should be noted that this is just a little bit hypocritical given that the church in Denmark is partly funded through the state.

I personally feel that if these vicars feel that they can not marry gay and lesbian couples, that they should be willing to take a pay cut.

If not, then time to separate church from the state.

Nina Ø said...

Dear Anonymous

Most of the "factual" stuff I post are not my own comments but stuff that is copied frm the "Copenhagen Post" so I do not feel a need to "respond" to stuff that is not my own. I tend to respond when my posts are my own writings.

Living in America, I like the state Church situation in Denmark because there is also the freedom for other churches at the same time. Look at my recent blog. I definitely am not main stream religious but I still support "the traditions" even is we discard them with age and knowledge. Is that crazy? Maybe. So, I still support a Danish Lutheran Church even though I am not a believer. I know, crazy.

Anonymous said...

Nina, there isn't total 'freedom' for other churches. They are still arguing about whether to grant permission for a purpose built Mosque in Copenhagen. Up until now, planning permission has always been refused. People have had to worship in buildings that were built for entirely different purposes.

But anyway, one "might" be built on Amager.

Nina Ø said...

Dear Anonymous

I think Denmark is long overdue for a beautiful mosque in Copenhagen. Keep me posted on the progress. As a Dane, I understand how we feel about doing it one way for centuries and asking everyone to conform like Danes conform. But we are in another world right now where we need to take care of everyone's needs, in addition to ethnic Danes, while still holding steadfast to no violence and not competing but cooperating.