Thursday, May 17, 2012

It is Kristihimmelfartsdag

I get dizzy sometimes walking back and forth between Denmark and America culturally. Lets take this weekend which is  a 4 day holiday for lots of folks in Denmark. Today, or 30 minutes ago, it was Kristihimmelfartsdag. Everyone in Denmark knows this because it is a holiday. You have the day off with pay.  It is sort of like Thanksgiving in America. If your employer didn't give you Friday off with pay, you asked to take a vacation day on Friday for a 4 day weekend.

I know you already saw the farts in the title. In Danish that means speed or rising. All along the roadside the digital signs say "Din Fart".

I doubt I could collect 1 person in my town center in California who could tell me what today is that would merit a holiday ANYWHERE in the world. The answer is Ascension Day. Literally it means "Christ into Heaven Rising Day."

I'm confused. All my cousins in Denmark know what this day is.

On a different note, Jono reminds me that Norwegian Constitution Day has fallen on the same day this year as Ascension Day. Andrew from National Geogrphic is roaming around Norway right now. Here is a post from his blog today.


Jono said...

Not too far away it is also Syttende Mai. Norwegian Constitution day just happens to be the same day this year.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

You know my translation for Kristihimmelfartsdag is "Jesus, hurry up and get to heaven day"