Friday, March 2, 2012

Westfalia Projects

Andrea cooking breakfast.
Jono asked what year Westfalia I have. It is 1982, the last year that Volkswagen made an aircooled camper. Spring is on it's way and I have 2 of the 3 major projects completed to get it ready to roll for trips during the summer. This pic is from 2008 when Cousin Andrea and I decided to tour the Redwoods in NorCAL. Neither of us had been for a long time. The below pic is from a 1982 Westfalia ad.  It sleeps 4 - 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs , with the top "popped", but 2-3 is really perfect. Copper Penny is her name.

We do not usually cook in the van and prefer to use a propane campstove on the picnic table and the fire pit & grill in the campsite. Pineapple on a camping trip? I don't think so. Too many black bears in Calif.

We found a private campgroup with a lake with a great view farther north in NorCAL.
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I am having coffee at the picnic table early in the morning and we had some visitors. They were almost close enough to touch. I got my camera from the van and sat back down. It was like this one was saying: OK, just 1 or 2 pictures and then we need to move on. They hung around for awhile and then went to check out our neighbors. I doubt these guys have ever lived through a hunting season or ever will unless they wander off the private property (which is larger than some state parks).  Definitely one of our more memorable moments.

The Westy is solely for recreation and helping people move, etc. My daily driver is a 2005 black Toyota Scion xB which gets 34 miles per gallon.


Pearl said...

How beautiful, to travel by car.


Jono said...

Nice Westfalia! My last VW was a 1972 bus. I converted it for comfy travel (it slept 2) It didn't go very fast and it was cold in the Minnesota Winter, but I liked it anyway.

Nina Ø said...

I traded my VW station wagon for a 1965 Westy in the mid 1970's and have never been without one since. I was hooked. I do not do bumper sticker or wear clothes that have words on them (typical Dane) but if I did, I would have a bumper sticker that read "I stop for all Westfalias". I did all my own mechanical work until 1990 including one engine overhaul and 2minor overhauls. My daughter used to say I had three children: a girl, a boy and a Westy. We solve the heat problem by using down sleeping bags. There is nothing to solve the slow problem. Actually slow is not a problem. The van is meant for peaceful touring, not speed.