Monday, January 16, 2012

Queen of Hearts

This weekend marks 40 years of  Queen  Margrethe II as monarch of Denmark.  Top pic is of a trip to Greenland. And on the left  is cheering her "troops" at the summer Olympics in Greece with daughter in law Princess Mary.  Below is the official announcement of the 40th Jubilee.

I do not have a picture of it, but Queen Margrethe also made a personal trip to the Danish troops in Afgahanistan recently.  She is 70. This is not a position you resign from. She took the throne upon the death of her father King Frederik  the IX in 1972. Her grandfather, King Christian X held the Danish spirit together through the trauma of the Nazi occupation by riding alone on his horse through Copenhagen. I have an old postcard showing him on his horse during the Nazi occupation and it bring tears to my eyes. The emotion is very similar to gathering today with other folks to sing "We Shall Overcome" in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. The stand for human justice sees no color, religion or politics. I find it interesting that this year, her 40th Jubilee is also MLK Jr.'s birthday.

Many thanks to Cousin AMK in Copenhagen who sent me this link from CNN International: It is a recent interview with Dronning Margrethe II on her 40 year reign.  (Dronning means Queen in Danish.)

Cousin AMK also sends some little family stories:
"Bits about King Christian: When my mother was a small child, my granmother once lifted her up as high as the horse, so she could hand him a bouquet of flowers. I also remember my granfather telling me, that when he was working as a young chimney sweep he also swept the chimneys at Amalienborg Castle. One day he and his collegees met King Christian as he was leaving for his ride - they were standing still greeting him as he nodded and kindly said "good morning to you gentlemen".

My granmother had different fun stories about Prince Frederik before he became king, since she had a good friend, who was working at the palace. I think he liked girls very much ;-).

Well, enough flattery of the kings for one day :-). 


Kelli Nørgaard said...

Those first two pics just reinforce the idea that she IS the "people's queen"! :-)

Jens said...,_seasonally_adjusted,_December_2011.png&filetimestamp=20120131090043

Shows unemployment figures for each EU country.

DK = 7.8%

in contrast

US = 8.5%

Not much difference

Nina Ø said...

Jens' stats are correct at the moment. Thank you Jens. I hope he got my personal reply. I live in California and our unemployment rate was recently up to 12%. We are doing alot better at the moment, and working to hold the big banks accountable for their actions.