Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sexism and procreation

I have been reading alot the past few days about the rise in rape in Scandinavian countries and the rape stats by immigrants. Scandinavian countries are feminist countries and in Denmark there are no nude beaches. All beaches are just beaches by a recent court order. If you are Muslim and require "your women" to wear traditional dress, the beach is not the place to go.

These are my current positions:
1. No one touches another person sexually without their permission. And that recipient must feel the internal power to say No without reprisals.
2. Procreation is a women's sole decision because she spends 9 months doing it. (She and her man should agree if possible.) The man only votes one time. And we know when that time is. And if he doesn't change diapers, do not have any more children with him.
3.Age has no relationship to a women or girls decisions. If a girl is raped at 12 by a brother, father, uncle, etc.  she should be able to go the RX and get the morning after pill for free without anyone's permission.
4. All laws need to protect women and children first.
5. Patriarchy is evil. Father does not know best. (Get out of the past and into the future.)
6. No man (pope, president, etc.) has any say on a anyone else's body. We need to only deal with our own body and mind to treat all others as 100%.
7. All countries adopt the Norwegian? position that if a person solicits sex for pay, That person is the one who is arrested.
8. Make rape a flat mandatory sentence and provide treatment to both perps and victims.
9. No forced marraiges and no marraiges under the age of 16.

Did I leave anything out?
10. Cutting for Stone by Verghese is an excellent read. I had no idea what forced arranged marraiges to underdeveloped girls are doing to their bodies. And he really writes well.
11. Is this about women? Partly. It actually starts with patriarchy sacrificing our young men to war, etc.  for greed and profit.


Jono said...

Totally agree. Unfortunately, too many in the U.S. disagree with your premise, especially in Utah. See the Cognitive Dissenter ( Mental evolution is a painfully slow process.
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Nina Ø said...

Well, there are 2 of us. Does that make a movement? ;-). I was blest with one of the greatest Father's so my premise is more from experience. We need a new math. We are all 100%. 50-50 will never work. 100,100,100,etc. does work. Hope I survive all the political verbage during the coming year. This post was finally blowing off steam.