Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mud Bath and New Phone

Cousin Andrea came out from North Carolina for Christmas. Her son Todd lives about 60 miles from me. We just spent three day together and she convinced me to go to Calistoga, CA for a mud bath. Can you believe I have lived in NorCal for 40 years and have never done this? Well, I cannot say that anymore.

It was awesome. The mud in the tub makes you float in it.. I accidentally touched my foot on the bottom and it was HOT!  Of course it is not really mud mud. It is a special lava clay mixed with mineral water. We had a  private room with mud bath tubs and a private mineral water jacuzzi and also a private shower to get the mud off between the two.  And there are robes on the hook if you are shy. Totally awesome.

We are having unseasonally warm weather here in the 60's and we came out feeling toasty inside and out.

Getting back to town we tackled my new phone agenda. It took a total of 2 hours after I made my 20 minute decision on which phone I wanted. The jury is still out, however. I have 12 more days to return it. Do I want a phone that will text 3 different ways or do I want a lighter weight phone (iPHONE) which texts one way?

Weird sighting: : Driving down Silverado Trail we saw this thing in the sky. It looked like black exhaust at first but then it kept following us. And then it kept changing shape from small to very long.. Is there a kite that looks like this? Let me know if you know.

The Family Christmas Dinner was another success. 17 people converged upon each other from 2:30 to 9:45 @ Bruce and Anne's and there was not one moment that a TV or sports program was on in any room. We just enjoyed each  other company for that long! You can learn a whole  lot about your family in 6 hours. I learned this year that Carmen's boyfriend is from ____________ County.  I 'm not saying but it was a really big surprise!  I just assumed he was born and bred in San Francisco!

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Kelli Nørgaard said...

My favorite part of this story is the "and there was no tv show or sports program on at anytime"! :-) Great way to spend your time!