Friday, October 21, 2011

My Great Grandmother

In November 2010 I posted about a picture I received from my Aunt Olga Charlotte of my Great Grandmother Ellen Kirstine Jensen who died when my Grandfather was only 2 year old, in Copenhagen. This was probably the least likely post I would have expected a comment. Well, today I received this comment which I am not posting because I am editing it for last names. This is how the comment read with my editing for last names. I am actually making that comment part of this new post.
"Dear Nina Ø: That is a nice photo. And I can tell you- your Great Grandmother all so is my Great Grandmother. My Grandfather was Edmund Andreas Ø, and my father as Kaj Aage Ø. So, I am your Cousin.

Helen S (born Ø)"

WOW. I came back from Denmark from a 3 week visit in August. Cousin Bill in DK and I compared notes and both of us had very scanty information on Uncle Edmund's children. He knew that Edmund had 4 children and I had 2 photos - one of 2 unnamed grandchildren and one of his son Kaj Aage with him on his boat - not much to go on. It never occurred to me that my blog would be the avenue to connect with others  in the family. And the post of Ellen's picture was almost one year ago! 

My Danish is pretty poor. Can't say much more than Tak or Ja, tak, however I can read alot more. It looks like our Cousin Helen worked for Royal Copenhagen (Porcelain) for many years. That is so awesome.

More to come.... I am sure. What is it someone said "make my day!"  (Clint Eastwood?) Well Helen made my day just perfect!!!"