Saturday, July 16, 2011

CEO of Retirement June 30th 2011

Before the party began. Trying not to cry as I read the card from my boss Sandy. We did a dessert buffet and by the time it started the table behind me was also overflowing with desserts because they would not all fit on one table.  I am not posting all the pictures that Veronica took for me because there are too many and I do not want to leave one person out. I love you all.  And you have made my life wealthy for years.

Ben  (left) retired about February from the Career Center.I walked up and said "What?" He is still wearing a badge! We need to "drain Ben's brain" before we really let him go.  Torey (right) is a poster child for transitional skills. Once a West County police officer, he is now an East County Social Worker.

We have one of the most important jobs in the US.   We are charged with raising families above the Federal Poverty Level by securing good entry level wages in jobs.  Most of our clients are right there with us on this goal if we tell them that is OUR GOAL ALSO. We are the Anti-Poverty Program in the United States of America. 

The party favors on the tables at my retirement  symbolize how I have felt when someone I worked with acheived their goals.  And how I have felt when one of my social worker's has described  their success with a family in the community.  It is really hard to acheive great goals without good leadership.  Here is most of our team that has lead me for the past 5 years.

Chris, Joe and Sandy

Our Director Joe Valentine is center. My boss Sandy Bustillo is right. She administers Welfare to Work in East County. Chris Gallagher is left. She administers CalWORKs in East County.  Our Bureau Chief Wendy is missing in this picture.  I'll find one and post it later.


Jon said...

Congrats Nina! Can't wait to see what's next!

Kelli Nørgaard said...

Thanks for sharing this!
What a rewarding career to have had!!!
Now it is time to ENJOY the quiet for a bit! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nina, we miss you at the office. Have a great retirement.
- Cheyenne