Monday, May 9, 2011

The Sperm Bullitt in Copenhagen

This is for real. And so cooool.  And so brilliant. 

I have been working at home today on my computer and took a little break to check out one of my favorite websites, which is  It is the Danish version of "amsterdamize the planet".  Amsterdam and Copenhagen are probably the biggest bike cultures in Europe. Check it out on how you even bike in the snow.

When the sperm bank in Copenhagen decided to go to no CO2 emission transport, they looked at The Bullitt cargo bike and this was the result. It even has a website advertisement that say "Become a sperm donor".  The front of the bike is refrigerated with the deliveries.

Cargo bikes are pretty much not known in America. We build skinny bike lanes for 1 skinny bike for skinny people wearing weird StarTrek spandex clothes right next to 45-70 mile per hour car lanes. And it is pretty much an adult form of exercise rather than day to day transportation. I like these pics of how Danish children get the hang of cargo bike culture when they are young. Whole families go camping across the country with them.

I know I am blogging about cargo bikes but this picture also shows how a city block of apartment houses have a center courtyard in the middle for communal use. No need for the children to go to the "park" to play. They just go down the back stairs to their own secure mini-park.
Here is a non-commercial Bullitt cargo bike. No bike clothes. This is just a form of transportation. Teenager has stopped to text on her phone.

Traditional bike with traditional bike clothes. Notice the high heels.


Jon said...

I really loved how the bike lane was to the inside of the parked cars in Copenhagen. How smart is that?

Mads and Kelli said...

That is toooo funny! and TOO creative! And I love the site you posted! I have not seen it before but already like it!