Sunday, February 6, 2011

Copper Penny

Cousin Andrea and "Copper Penny" fixing breakfast at the Dardanelle campground on the Sonora Pass in California - 8/2003.

Beautiful Daughter Nicole used to tease me, when she was young,  that I had 3 children. Her, Keith and our "Westy". I did spend a fair amount of time on some weekends on brake jobs, engine rebuilds, etc. on our 1965 Split Window. It never had a name. My current one, above, was named by Cousin Andrea because she's the same color as a real copper penny.

Watch this video. The solar panel is giving me ideas. I also like the one color paint in cherry red. What do you think?


Jon said...

Reminds me of my '72 bus. Not a camper, but well suited to travel.

Nina Ø said...

Really curious how you found my blog. I followed your link and love your web site and your Norwegian horses. I have pics of me and horses in Denmark. Have wondered why horses are so much more gentle and smaller than in the USA.

Jon said...

I found you from another blog's comments. In Norway my last name also starts with an Ø. I was in Denmark (as well as Iceland and Norway)a few years ago visiting cousins. My horses are well suited to this climate (northern Minnesota)which may be part of a long theory as to size and temperament, although Rune is quite large for a fjord. I enjoy your writing!