Thursday, September 16, 2010

July Vacation Slideshow is here. And it is only Sept!

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Ellie K said...

Nina, I enjoyed your slideshow. The application loads very fast in Google's Chrome browser. I'm going to try using it for slideshows next time I have an opportunity, as I wasn't familiar with it before, but it embeds beautifully in Blogger.

You bear quite a close resemblance to your Cousin Andrea! I liked the dining table picture in Hangtown. Those little mini-lobsters may be crawdads or crayfish? I didn't realize they were present in Northern California, but it would make sense in warm summer months.

I lived in the S.F. South Bay about 25 years ago, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino. For ski trips to Tahoe (cross-country was all I did, no interest in downhill), I would take BART to Amtrak in Richmond and on up to Truckee in winter and meet my friends there (rather than driving with 10 people, ski's, boots and terrible traffic). It was nice seeing your pictures of Lake Tahoe in summer, I've never been there in July.

I may have passed through Placerville too, on the way to Calvaras County (interesting caves) too. Loved your pictures of the hardware store and downtown in Placerville!

Thank you for posting!