Saturday, August 28, 2010

Roskilde Festival is More than a Music FEST

I originally posted this in early August and then lost my editing features on blogger. I will try again and not be so verbose.

Festlighed is one of the primary cultural values in Denmark. The phenomenon can be express as the "readiness to define any occasion as a FEST". Big or grand is not a requirement or even necessary. They may even not foster festlighed.

You can read all about the music performances under the Orange Tent in 2010 on the internet. Here are 2 events that probably would not happen at a musical festival in less free countries.

The Prize for Camp of the Year that promotes sharing joy and love and 66 litres of "FISK":

The Naked Run: after viewing the above, click on the Naked Run video on the side bar. You may need to hit the up and down arrows to find it. All the videos by are very good. I also liked "When the Saints go Machine opens the Orange Stage" and "Interview with Dizzy Miz Lizzy". Both are Danish bands.

By coming to Denmark for a week from all over the world, people get a taste of a different way to be in the world and on the planet. This year there were about 75,000 paying guests and about 25,000 unpaid volunteers plus media folk. The festival was started in 1971 by 2 students. Today it is run by a foundation and the proceeds are donated each year to organizations that benefit Music, Culture and Humanism.

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